Vesna Vukasović Lončar

Vesna started her AIESEC journey in LC Zagreb in 2001. In the next five years, she obtained the positions of LCVP Croatia, MCVP Croatia, and National Support Team TAXI. She was a delegate to over 30 conferences and participated in more than 10 projects as an OC member. In 2021 Vesna was reactivated as an alumnus and was elected to the AIESEC ALUMNI Croatia Executive Board in 2022.

She’s been your fellow AIESECer, your chair, your trainer, your faci and today your ERAC2024 Connect to Impact agenda manager (alongside Katarina, Ketty, Cate, Katica).   🎤 ✨

Professionally, her career started in 2006 when she became an audit associate at KPMG Croatia, followed by finance management roles at Adidas Croatia. In 2014 she swapped her finance career for a career in project management. Nowadays she works for Adidas HQ in Germany, in charge of leading strategic initiatives across the world. 

(So proud of her ♥️)

Vesna would (modestly) describe herself as a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, dog lover, book worm and world explorer.  We would simply describe her as legenda*. 

* hr. legenda- a Croatian word meaning a legend, hiding words “legend” and “agenda”, actually synonyms for Vesna. C’est ça! 💪 😉

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