Tanja Miloš

… the land of more than a thousand islands, the birthplace of a torpedo, parachute and a necktie, a country hiding the smallest city in the world, a sport champion in …
No wait, that’s Tanja’s job!
It’s time we present you Tanja Miloš, a tour guide on a mission to round you all up for an unforgettable ERAC2024 Connect to Impact experience in Croatia and our cheerful OC VP Tours & Adventures. 🌞🌊⛰️
We feel that no trip to any ERAC conference would be complete without getting to know the hosting country better and we couldn’t have recruited a better person to help you with that than our Tanja. 🌟
Tanja joined AIESEC in 2001 and has been an active member ever since. Her AIESEC record reads LC VPCC and LCP of LC Dubrovnik, a delegate to numerous local, national and international conferences (CEMOS Poland 2001, EUROLDS Bulgaria 2003, NATCO BiH 2003) and the current EB member of AIESEC ALUMNI CROATIA. A forever Aiesecer and a proud veteran. 💪
Professionally, Tanja started her career in tourism, where she spent more than five years perfecting herself in all branches of tourism (hotel, agency, tour operator, guide) and setting ground to be just the right person for our VP Tours & Adventures 🙂. Later she transitioned to the EU projects and her ongoing workplace in Zagreb city administration, where she has spent the last 14 years.
This southern girl much in love with the northern climate cannot imagine her life without concerts and books. She might not greet you early in the morning if she hasn’t yet had a sip of her morning coffee, but rest assured that she will open up pretty quickly over a shot of rakija*, because she truly believes that rakija connects people. 🥃
And so do we, especially at ERAC2024 Connect to Impact. 🙂
So come and connect with Tanja, explore Croatia! 🇭🇷❣️
* Rakija, the fiery elixir crafted in Croatia, embodies the essence of sun-kissed fruits, distilled to perfection. Its alluring aroma and intense flavors tantalize the senses, promising an adventurous journey with every sip (ChatGPT).
* Best served at Global Village 😉
* DE. der Schnaps, FR. l’eau de vie, ES. el aguardiente.

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