Stuti Singh

Stuti Singh is an international speaker, trainer, consultant and leadership coach, who specializes in helping individuals and teams go from fear to fulfillment of their potential, live a life of purpose and passion, and create transformational results for their organizations, families and communities. Stuti holds an Honors degree in Psychology, an MBA in International Business, and is also trained in Intuitive Mastery.
Over 20 years, she held leadership positions at several blue-chip organizations, managing diverse teams, working with C-level stakeholders and consulting on various global and regional projects at companies such as Pfizer, Unilever and GSK. In 2017 she founded her transformational people development programme, “A Life without Fear” and since then has coached leaders with diverse backgrounds, as well as delivering talks, workshops and training courses around the world. Stuti has delivered two TEDx Talks, facilitated a TEDx workshop, has been awarded ‘Most Empowering Coach and Trainer of the Year’, and was also Head of Development and Coaching at the Women’s Leadership Initiative, GSK.
You can explore more about Stuti`s work at and her TEDx Talk is available on YouTube.
At ERAC Stuti will hold both an Alumni talk: “Create Your Impact without Fear” and a workshop: “Lead without Fear”.

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