Sonja Matović

OC VP Delegates.
Why bother with ChatGPT? – Ask Sonja instead! 📧
Yes, this experienced IT professional is our back-end support covering all your inquiries regarding the registration, accommodation & arrival, visa and your unforgettable stay at ERAC2024 Connect to Impact.
Sonja joined AIESEC in 1981 and spent five very active years obtaining the roles of LCVP Zagreb, Reception officer, MC VP Finance and LCP Zagreb. Living a full AIESEC experience was no strange to her. She participated in numerous AIESEC conferences, study tours and twin seminars. She also underwent professional internships in Wuppertal, Münster, Copenhagen and Krakow. Nowadays, when talking to Sonja, she’ll say that the AIESEC experience proved invaluable in her life. The curiosity and desire to participate in new things, the professional level of performance she was trained to demonstrate in AIESEC, all of that pushed her firmly forward and helped her in her professional career.
And when talking about Sonja’s career, we have another IT expert within our ranks. Scotty is apparently beaming up a lot of our OC members. 👽 🚀
Sonja started her career as a programmer. She continued on expanding her expertise in the IT sector by working as a system analyst, then as a project manager and now maturing into a Senior IT Architect at the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. She also participated in big projects related to the chemical and financial industry.
Since the launch of the initiative to renew AIESEC Alumni Croatia, Sonja has been a restless participant of every AA national conference in Croatia and numerous alumni events. So this event simply could not have unrolled without her in our team. ⭐
In her spare time, this warm AIESEC humanitarian and a fighter actively supports Croatian associations aimed at helping women dealing with malignant diseases Sve za nju i Nismo same. Passionate about dancing, reading and traveling. 💃
That’s our Sonja! 💪

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