Petra Horvatović

Petra Horvatović is immersed in a successful consulting career in the management of projects that emphasize contemporary art. As a co-founder of the Shpigl platform, which combines classic art and new technologies, Petra has found innovative ways to present multidisciplinary visual artists. Together with a team of experts, she creates projects as polygons of collaboration between artists, institutions and brands in order to generate added value for all parties involved, as well as those who consume art.

Petra is a partner & creative director at Fraz!, an experiential agency that connects audiences and brands through the design of authentic experiences, exploring the fusion of art and technology.

She is also a member of the board of directors of CroAI, an association for artificial intelligence that brings together leading companies and startups in the field of artificial intelligence, where she works to connect the artistic and technological communities.

At ERAC she will be a panelist in the discussion about Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia and civil society”.

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