Jure Šimundić

¡Hola a todos!
Vous-êtes prêts? – Sì? Allora, andiamo …
It’s time to bring to the stage our OC VP Marketing, Jure Simundic, an engineer steering the marketing activities for ERAC2024 Connect to Impact.
Jure joined the AIESEC family in 2009 in Zagreb where he spent two very active years living his @ experience- working on various projects, mentoring people, attending conferences, and picking up on the @ dance moves. … and then the IT industry beamed him up, Scotty.
However, in 2022 he decided to re-join AIESEC in order to get more of that wonderful @ experience and to perfect his @ dance moves.
As an IT security expert, Jure has spent 10+ years in the IT industry leading big security projects across the finance, state, telco, and energy sectors in Croatia. He works now in CS Computer Systems and occupies the position of IT security solutions consultant and team lead for secure industrial environments and advanced cyber protection solutions. His work also includes the implementation of the ISMS and ISO 27001 compliance.
In his free time, Jure loves traveling and learning foreign languages. Very much in love with dogs.
Looking forward to seeing you all at ERAC 2024. Tschüs!

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