Irina Wittman

Irina is a dynamic professional blending academic excellence with real-world experience. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Science and a Master’s in General Management, she embodies a unique blend of business acumen and strategic thinking. As a seasoned Business Analyst and Project Manager, she brings a wealth of experience in CRM Consulting, Marketing, and Sales. Her primary focus lies in IT projects, where she seamlessly integrates Marketing and Sales strategies into innovative solutions. Her expertise extends to the Salesforce platform, where she excels in process analysis, automation, architecture design, integration, and document generation. From conceptualization to implementation, she navigates the complexities of IT projects with precision and creativity.
During her time as an AIESECer, she made her mark as the Vice President of Marketing, showcasing her outstanding leadership skills and forward-thinking approach.
At ERAC, Irina will be hosting a panel: “How to connect & impact in different sectors?”

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