Indrilla Haque

Indrilla Haque is a dynamic leader known for her multifaceted expertise in both government administration and entrepreneurship. With a career spanning over one and half decades, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and effective management across diverse sectors. In her role as a Team Leader in the Australian Federal Government, Indrilla has played a pivotal role in shaping policies and driving initiatives that promote economic growth, social welfare, and sustainable development. Her extensive experience in navigating complex regulatory environments specifically in community grants hub, fostering collaborations, and implementing innovative solutions has earned her widespread recognition for his leadership and impact.

Prior to joining the Australian Federal Government, Indrilla worked with the Australian State and Local Government for several years. and even before that Indrilla worked with Global Brands including Unilever Australasia and Philips. Being one of the most effective and influential Marketing Managers in the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Indrilla organized the Tri-Nation Series 2010 and the Launching event of the International Cricket WorldCup 2011.

Indrilla has recently started her entrepreneurial journey with the founding of Bella Bong-AU a venture that is committed to promoting women’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being while fostering empowerment through education, advocacy, and support.

Combining her governmental insights with entrepreneurial acumen, Indrilla has spearheaded initiatives that bridge the public-private divide, fostering partnerships that drive economic progress and societal advancement.

Indrilla holds a double master’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Currently, she is an associate member of CPA Australia, a professional accounting body. Outside of her professional pursuits, Indrilla is actively involved in various community initiatives and charitable endeavors, reflecting her commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact beyond the boardroom.

At, ERAC, she will be one of the panelists on “How to connect & impact in different sectors?”.

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