Connect to impact in Zagreb this spring for the ERAC2024

ERAC is an annual conference of AIESEC alumni of Europe, intended to gather all AIESEC alumni in one place to celebrate AIESEC values, touch on global issues, encourage leadership & personal growth, build networks, and have a great time.
Under the slogan “Connect to Impact”, AIESEC Alumni Croatia is celebrating its first birthday in the AIESEC Alumni Europe family during four unforgettable days filled with interesting workshops, well-known AIESEC parties, and opportunities to connect and create space for change, new friendships and lifelong memories.
Venue: Maistra City Vibes Hotel International, Miramarska Cesta 24, Zagreb
The opportunities to explore are endless, all you have to do is come … and connect.
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Here are the available packages:

4 days/3 nights fee in a twin room (25. – 28.4.): 450€

4 days/3 nights fee in a single room (25. – 28.4.): 590€

4 days/3 nights fee without accommodation (25. – 28.4.): 150€

3 days/2 nights fee in a twin room (26. – 28.4.): 360€

3 days/2 nights fee in a single room (26. – 28.4.): 410€

3 days/2 nights fee without accommodation (26. – 28.4.): 125€

2 days/1 night fee in a twin room (27. – 28.4.): 245€

2 days/1 night fee in a single room (27. – 28.4.): 295€

2 days/1 night fee without accommodation (27. – 28.4.): 90€

Upon registration, you will receive the link to purchase a desired package.


Day 1: 25.4.

City Tour Zagreb

Opening & Get2Know

AAE Updates

Day 2: 26.4.

Keynote: Connect to Impact

Panel discussion: How to connect & impact in different sectors?

Alumni Talks: 

  • Migration & Integration; are we facing a global issue?
  • Create your Impact without Fear
  • Why you’ll never feel fully successful without true love
  • How to Build a Human Organisation
  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome in Business

Personal Development Workshops:

  • Non-violent communication – How can empathy unlock difficult situations?
  • Reset & Restore – Embracing Ancient Yogic Wisdom for Health and Wellbeing
  • Lead without fear
  • Asphalt surfers: navigating with style amongst today’s stress waves

Day 3: 27.4.

AIESEC Europe & Croatia Updates

Alumni Talks

  • Working abroad – Lessons Learnt
  • Integrating migrant workers into the European societies 
  • Anticipatory Climate Action as a hunger prevention tool

Panel Discussion: Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia and civil society

Business Opportunities Fair

Day 4: 28.4.

Impact Areas

  • Education & Learning
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership & Peace
  • Alumni Engagement
*The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the agenda.

ERAC2024 Speakers

Antonio Jovanovski

Antonio is our keynote speaker and he will address us with “Connect to impact”, which is also the slogan of the conference.

Peter Struckel

Peter will talk about: “Alumni Engagement – How do we wake up the sleeping giant?”

Alex Glod

Alex will speak about “How to Awake the Sleeping Giant” and “ AA Romania’s Story”.

Martina Silov

Martina will host a panel discussion on Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia, and civil society” alongside panelists Aco Momčilović, Davor Aničić, Petra Horvatović, and Neven Vrček.

Aco Momčilović

Aco will be a panelist in a discussion on Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia, and civil society” alongside Martina Silov, Davor Aničić, Petra Horvatović, and Neven Vrček.

Petra Horvatović

Petra will be a panelist in a discussion on Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia, and civil society” alongside Martina Silov, Davor Aničić, Aco Momčilović, and Neven Vrček.

Davor Aničić

Davor will be a panelist in a discussion on Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia, and civil society” alongside Martina Silov, Aco Momčilović, Petra Horvatović, and Neven Vrček. Neven Vrček

Neven will be a panelist in a discussion on Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia, and civil society” alongside Martina Silov, Davor Aničić, Petra Horvatović, and Aco Momčilović.

Alex Tichy

Alex will join the panel discussion on How to connect & impact in different sectors?”.

Omar Farook

Farook will talk about: “Anticipatory Action: Reducing Humanitarian Impact”.

Indrilla Haque

Indrilla is one of the panelists on the subject “How to connect & impact in different sectors?”

Irina Wittman

Irina will be hosting a panel: “How to connect & impact in different sectors?”

Iris Pindric

Iris will talk about: “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome in Business”.

Stuti Singh

Stuti will hold both an Alumni talk: “Create Your Impact without Fear” and a workshop: “Lead without Fear”.

Andrea Bognar

Andrea will talk about ”AIESEC Alumni Hungary: founding an alumni association”.

Marek Hojnacki

Marek will share the inspiring journey of the 1st international mentoring program for AIESEC alumni. What began as a humble local initiative blossomed into a renowned, award-winning endeavor spanning across the vast landscape of Europe within just a few short years.

Maja Hadziselimovic

Maja will talk about “Why we need more women in STEM” while touching on the issues related to stereotypes, prejudice and integration challenges women face in this business when working abroad.

Zeljka Ciganovic

Željka will hold a workshop “Reset Restore – Embracing Ancient Yogic Wisdom for Health and Wellbeing” where you will experience hands-on relaxation and stress relief techniques and learn about the power of breath.

Alex Cabon

The man who puts a C in “communication”- mesdames et messieurs.

Alex will talk about “Non-violent communication – How can empathy unlock difficult situations?”

Ronald Guzman

Ronald will talk about “Migration & Integration: are we facing a global issue?”

He has been leading humanitarian operations for refugees in Germany, published a book, and just launched a start-up (GU Hub) to tackle migration issues.

Ana Kosta

Ana will speak about “Why you’ll never feel fully successful without true love”.

Discovering how deliberately creating a harmonious and deeply satisfying intimate relationship can hold so much healing and potential for a happy and successful life.

Bianca Bontic

Bianca will speak about “How to Build a Human Organisation” Given that we’ve never been more (digitally) connected yet more divided, Bianca will share some practical tips and tricks that we can all apply in our companies in order to “Connect for Impact”.

Anja Strelec

Anja will present her documentary “Where have all the smiles gone?” about Nepali migrant workers who return to Nepal either sick or dead due to the difficult working conditions they are exposed to while working in the Middle East countries. Screening will be followed by a discussion on ”Integrating migrant workers into European societies”.

Marc Avanzo

Marc will sensitize us about the special types of disconnections and collective trauma between us and how to overcome those disconnections by a power of choice.

The name of his presentation is “Asphalt surfers: how to navigate in style among today’s disconnecting waves”.

Evening Activities

Thursday: Pub Quiz

Follow us on Facebook and learn about Zagreb and Croatia

Friday: Global Village Party

We all know the drill 🙂

Saturday: Gala Dinner

Time to glam up and celebrate successes and positive impact, followed by a party
Study Tour

Explore Plitvice lakes - Pag island - Zadar

We feel that no trip to any ERAC conference would be complete without getting to know the hosting country better. That’s why we’ve prepared an amazing study tour to intimately acquaint you with some of Croatia’s world renowned historical, natural and cultural gems. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Experience the lunar landscape of the island of Pag. Admire the view at Church of St. Donatus while listening to sea organs in Zadar, and much more. 

Dates: 23.- 25.04.2024.

Day 1: Zagreb – Plitvice lakes (tour across the national park & lunch) – Island Pag (accommodation in camp Šimuni, two nights)

Day 2: Island Pag

  • Explore Pag, relax on the beach or join one of the exciting excursions (optional).  

Day 3: Pag – Zadar (city tour) – Zagreb


  • The Study Tour will be held in the days preceding the conference, April 23th – 25th.
  • It’s separated from the main conference in terms of the registration and payment. 
  • The Study Tour can be purchased only for the delegates of the conference and the people accompanying them.


  • Study tour fee is 250 EUR.
  • It includes transportation, shared accommodation in camp Šimuni (double bed room), entrance to the national park Plitvice lakes, lunch at Plitvice lakes, visit to the Gallery of Pag Lace and Zadar city tour.
  • Accommodation is in a 2 bedroom mobile house. One room has twin beds, and one room is a double bed. In case you want the room for yourself, you can pay an additional 50€.
  • Optional excursions on Pag:
    • Gligora cheese factory (tour & tasting): 20 EUR (Pag cheese is one of the Croatian delicacies) 
    • Boat excursion (TBA) 

Additional info regarding the Study Tour is available on the web pages, and the Facebook pages. It’ll also be directly communicated via emails to all the attendees ahead of the Tour.

So, if you haven’t done it already, hurry up and register.

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Meet the Team

Kais Gharib

Kais was a member of AIESEC in Tunisia 2001 – 2004, he attended over 50 conferences covering various roles, ending in 2006 with an internship with Microsoft in Dubai. There, he raised a bunch of Traineeships and helped lead the AIESEC – Microsoft partnership on a global level.

Tanja Miloš

OC VP Tours & Adventures

Tanja joined AIESEC in 2001 and has been an active member ever since. Her AIESEC record reads LC VPCC and LCP of LC Dubrovnik, a delegate to numerous local, national and international conferences (CEMOS Poland 2001, EUROLDS Bulgaria 2003, NATCO BiH 2003) and the current EB member of AIESEC ALUMNI CROATIA. A forever AIESECer and a proud veteran. 💪

Ivana Rakamarić

Ivana joined AIESEC Zagreb in 2002 and has been an active member until 2010 when she left for an internship in Tunis. In her @ career, she held various leadership roles, worked on projects, and attended over 50 conferences as a delegate, faci, chair, OC, CC, agenda manager, conference manager, you name it – she’s done it. She’s been an active alumna in Croatia since 2014.

Sonja Matović

OC VP Delegates

Sonja joined AIESEC in 1981 and spent five very active years obtaining the roles of LCVP Zagreb, Reception officer, MC VP Finance and LCP Zagreb. Living a full AIESEC experience was no strange to her. She participated in numerous AIESEC conferences, study tours and twin seminars. She also underwent professional internships in Wuppertal, Münster, Copenhagen and Krakow. Nowadays, when talking to Sonja, she’ll say that the AIESEC experience proved invaluable in her life. The curiosity and desire to participate in new things, the professional level of performance she was trained to demonstrate in AIESEC, all of that pushed her firmly forward and helped her in her professional career.

Jure Šimundić

OC VP Marketing
¡Hola a todos! Vous-êtes prêts? – Sì? Allora, andiamo …
Jure joined the AIESEC family in 2009 in Zagreb where he spent two very active years living his @ experience- working on various projects, mentoring people, attending conferences, and picking up on the @ dance moves.
… and then the IT industry beamed him up, Scotty. 🛸😲

Goran Bobanović

OC VP Partnerships

Goran joined it in 1999, LC Opatija. During two years of molding under the Company Coordinator role, AIESEC finally formed him and pushed him into his lifelong career in sales. As an alumnus, Goran has been actively engaged for seven years now alongside being a member of the executive board of AA Croatia since its formalization.

Adriana Marohnić

Adriana joined AIESEC at the end of 2020, and her mandate officially began on February 1, 2021. Adriana has held all positions in the Marketing and PR team (from team members to Vice President) and the position of Team Member in Business Development. She worked at all conferences and at student career fair for outgoing practices. The end of her mandate was marked by the position of Organizational Committee President for the national conference of AIESEC in Croatia in Rijeka for 61 people.

Anita Žeželj

After joining AIESEC in 2023, her path led her across various organizational roles. First, she was a member of the marketing team and then took on selling AIESEC internships to companies as a member of the ICX team. After that she was OCP of Business Future in Croatia conference. Currently, she is a team leader of OGX team, trying to send as many people abroad as possible. On top of that she is also a part of the OC team for Career Day which will be held in May this year.

Matej Švob

His AIESEC file reads …

From VP BD to President in LC Osijek, then on to National VP of BD and Finance, and now proudly serving as President of AIESEC Croatia. Along the way, he has represented AIESEC at international conferences in India, Turkey, Poland, and Hungary.

Vesna Vukasović Lončar

Agenda team

Vesna started her AIESEC journey in LC Zagreb in 2001. In the next five years, she obtained the positions of LCVP Croatia, MCVP Croatia, and National Support Team TAXI. She was a delegate to over 30 conferences and participated in more than 10 projects as an OC member. In 2021 Vesna was reactivated as an alumnus and was elected to the AIESEC ALUMNI Croatia Executive Board in 2022.

Katarina Karalić

Agenda team

Katarina joined AIESEC in 1999. and served as the LCP of LC Osijek (two times!). After her AIESEC traineeship in Sri Lanka, she spent 13 years in the private sector, working with Procter&Gamble in Zagreb, Mumbai and Budapest offices. She held roles in HR operations, talent management, training and leadership development and came back to her region as a Head of HR for P&G Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. In 2021, Katarina switched to the humanitarian sector and today works for the UN World Food Programme as a regional HR Officer. Katarina is a regional HR Officer on workforce planning and organizational design in the MENA/EE countries, based in Egypt with her husband Abhishek (whom she met in Colombo, during her traineeship).

Christine Stein

Conference manager

As a student, Chris volunteered from 1999-2005 in AIESEC Leipzig, AIESEC Donetsk, and AIESEC Bologna. She spent three years on the local board in Leipzig and finished her term as LCP in 2004. Over the years, she held various positions, and attended conferences in various roles. Her last stint was as a team leader in transport & logistics at the 2005 International Congress in Agra, India. Chris has been with AIESEC Alumni Europe since the beginning and acted as VP Com and VP NAA Growth & Alumni Theme Programme in previous years. Chris spent her AIESEC years (1999-2005) in Leipzig in exchange and as LCP. She also volunteered for AIESEC Donetsk (Ukraine) and AIESEC Bologna (Italy). Since 2009, Chris has been active as an alumna and has been President of AIESEC Alumni Germany from 2013-2018. In 2021, Chris was elected President of AIESEC Alumni Europe and re-elected in 2023. 🎉

Adriana Bernecka

Conference manager

And her AIESEC way started in 1997. The record states: AIESEC: 1997-2001 AIESEC Poland University of Warsaw. AIESEC Internships: Sri Lanka 2003-2004, India 2009-2010. AIESEC Alumni: Since 2007 Founding Member of AA Poland, 2015-2023 VP of AA Poland (3 terms), and now the Conference Manager of AA Europe.

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