Anja Strelec

Anja is a Croatian film and audiovisual director and photographer who currently lives and works in Brussels. In her work, she predominantly deals with social topics, portraying personal human stories and analyzing society, which allows her a multidisciplinary approach to selected topics and layered storytelling. She has directed several award-winning documentaries that have been screened worldwide on international festivals and television.

For the last 15 years, she has been working as an independent audiovisual and film director for Belgian television, the European Commission, and international organizations such as UNICEF. She also runs film, audiovisual, and photography workshops for EU delegation, film students in countries such as Eritrea, Guinea, Ghana, Senegal and Bangladesh, and others.

Anja’s latest project “Where have all the smiles gone?” is a documentary film about Nepali migrant workers who return to Nepal either sick or dead due to the difficult working conditions they are exposed to while working in the Middle East countries.

At ERAC 2024, Anja will present her documentary followed by a discussion on ”Integrating migrant workers into European societies”.

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