Anita Žeželj

Anita is a student at the Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb.

After joining AIESEC in 2023, her path led her across various organizational roles. First, she was a member of the marketing team and then took on selling AIESEC internships to companies as a member of the ICX team. After that, she was OCP of the Business Future in Croatia conference. Currently, she is a team leader of the OGX team, trying to send as many people abroad as possible. On top of that, she is also a part of the OC team for Career Day which will be held in May this year.

Anita has experience in accounting, finance, and Marketing. Currently, she works as a Global Market Intelligence Intern at Henkel, learning how to conduct global market analysis.

At ERAC, Anita is in charge of the marketing and the speakers.

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