Alex Tichy

Alex dove into human resources and talent management at Business University Vienna, focusing on Personnel Management. During his studies, he led Market Research projects, including a notable Mystery Shopping Study for Moto Kawasaki in 1991.

His encounter with AIESEC marked a turning point, shaping both his personal and professional journey. From there, he ventured into business, establishing RADIX, a communication consulting company specializing in Market Research, Digital Advertising, and PR, earning elite status within MSPA Europe/Africa.

Since 1994, Alexander has been deeply involved with AIESEC, contributing locally, nationally, and internationally. As a Past Global President of AIESEC Alumni International, he witnessed the continual growth of the global alumni community. Beyond his professional endeavors, Alexander maintains a balanced lifestyle through music (playing Clarinet and Saxophone), sports (as a Fitness Coach), and appreciation for the arts.

At ERAC, Alex will join the panel discussion How to connect & impact in different sectors?”.

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