Aco Momčilović

Aco is a President of the Global AI Ethics Institute and Global Head of the AI – SIG IPMA. With a degree in Psychology from FFZG and an Executive MBA from Cotrugli Business School, Aco Momčilović is currently a Ph.D. Researcher at the University of Dubrovnik, specializing in Digital Economy. His extensive HR journey includes roles at Ledo, L’Oreal Adria, and Billa, followed by consultancy and a 3-year tenure as CHRO at Rimac Automobili. He’s also an esteemed educator, lecturing on HR and Corporate Culture at leading business schools. 

As the owner of FutureHR since 2018, Aco offers expertise in various domains. Holding leadership positions in notable organizations, he’s deeply involved in initiatives connecting diaspora business people and founded impactful projects like the National AI Capital concept and the Global AI Ethics Institute. Recently, he joined the Croatian AI Association, assuming key roles and spearheading projects like AI Art Singularity and AI Business Hackathon.

At ERAC he will be a panelist in the discussion about Harnessing AI for the benefit of the business, academia and civil society”.

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